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Hi - thanks for dropping by for a visit

What’s it about?

Along with coaching and mentoring, I've been writing tips for a few years now. Some are published in my books: and others are on this site.

A large section of my work is around transition and my programmes are designed to enable you to explore an in-depth personal analysis and bring about a change of awareness of your personal strengths and values. The first programme published here is for the journey from military to civilian life. The programme will open up options for you and enable you to find your best fit in the civilian world bringing you fulfillment with stability at a time of adjustment.

In 2010, I started organising and running augmented coaching sessions for service personnel in the British Military who were in the transition phase from a military career to a civilian career. 550 successfully transitioned personnel later, I was honoured and humbled to win the 2019 Special Recognition Award from the National Mentoring Awards for this programme, having been nominated by one of the service leavers.

The programme is designed for service personnel who are coming up to their transition from military to civilian careers and contains 12 sessions which cover all the necessary activities to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your family. It is designed to be worked through at the pace that best suits you, which will depend on your current role, time to transition and other claims on your time. In an ideal world, I would recommend a session a month starting 15 months before your transition. In the real world, take these at your own pace according to your priorities. There are three parts to each session: video which covers a series of specific topics; exercises for you to work through; reading on associated topics.

Direct email support is available throughout for any clarification required. The more effort that you put into the exercises and activities resulting from the reading and video, the better equipped you will be to make a happy and successful transition to your new civilian life.

Working with a mentor or coach helps people improve their understanding of complex situations. The exercises and webinars will assist you to understand the complexities of leaving the military, finding employment, embarking on a career and establishing yourself and your families in the civilian world, away from the strong certainties, the clearly defined ranks and roles, the close comradeship and strong support systems that have characterised your military life.

While you will already have access to a wealth of information, it can be hard (and will undoubtedly take time) for you to internalise all that information, to really appreciate what it means for you and your family, and to create connections between the different ideas and pieces of information. Email contact is available throughout this programme, as are monthly discussion webinars. During the monthly interactive sessions, you can bring up contradictions, confusion or concerns you have. Working through these in a safe environment will substantially assist you during this period.

We all have biases, prejudices and inaccurate preconceptions that distort the way that we see things. These can be reinforced through conversations with others, particularly if they are in the same tight community where misunderstandings can flourish. A coach can help you see beyond these cognitive distortions. This can be extremely powerful, particularly in reversing self-limiting beliefs. If you wish you can add some 1:1 coaching sessions to the programme.

I look forward to joining you on your journey to your new career and life.

What can I do to inspire you?

We feel at our best when we overcome our challenges and achieve our goals.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet and work with some pretty amazing people and watched them ‘come alive’ as they exceed their best expectations of themselves and grow beyond their wildest dreams. Being a part of their journey of discovery is truly inspiring and humbling, as well as endlessly fulfilling and satisfying.

The people I’ve worked with have motivated me to do better to; it’s a journey we are all on together, helping each other become the best each of us we can be.

Having been lucky enough to work with thousands of people over the years, some on business goals and some on personal objectives, I’ve used a range of different techniques as each challenge arises.

These include: training, coaching, mentoring, hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Infinite Possibilities, Kinesiology, Reiki. This book combines all these techniques to bring the greatest benefit to you.

Throughout our lives three things happen:

- A Challenge comes up that must be dealt with

- A Change is required to meet that Challenge

- Once the Change has been Achieved and we overcome the Challenge it’s a great feeling!!

Studies show that achievement is the main driving force of happiness, it helps us to evolve into the person we want to be.

evolve: challenge -> change -> achievement ®

I’m delighted that you have joined me on this journey, and I sincerely hope that you find these sessions useful.

Live, love and laugh


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