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Becoming more confident - each day take your confidence into a new area.

Updated: Aug 31, 2019


Often it seems easier to shrink inside and lose confidence, to be shy, to be awkward, to move into the background, to be unsure. None of these are empowering feelings, they are all negative and are no help at all. Time to kick them into touch and become confident!!

Being confident, within ourselves, is the biggest gift that you and I can give to ourselves. By being confident you bring into your life everything you want and desire.

Everyone has felt great at one time or another, even it was a long time ago. Even now you may be 100% confident that you have no confidence!!!

Let’s take some time together to create your confidence, walking through the steps together.


Take some time for yourself and think of a time when you felt full of confidence, when everything felt good, when you laughed and smiled. There will be many examples in your life and it may take a little while to find the best one; you’ll know when you have the right time when you find you are smiling, re-living the moment when you feel supremely confident…. everything is going your way.

If you truly can’t think of a time when you were confident, simply make it up, strongly imagine what you would have done if you were confident.

Play the scene in your head, like a film.

Look at that image in your head and make it bigger, let it surround you, bring the colours to vivid life, see what you saw at the time, be in the image. See the image moving, like being in a film.

Move within the picture, feel the air on your skin, feel the lungful of air that you are breathing.

Put yourself back in the moment, feel even better than you did then. Feel the good feelings coursing round your body, bring the smile back to your face, laugh out loud! Put on some music that matches your mood, dance as if no one is watching!!

Jump for joy, go on, just do it!! It feels good. Feel the pleasure you feel when you are confident..

Picture a circle in front of you and know that when you step into it, all those good feelings are coming with you, jump into the circle. Notice how it feels, see the colour beneath your feet. Throw another circle a step away from you in front of you, jump into it and feel how good you feel. Spin the circles out like stepping stones and walk the walk.

Use this technique every time you decide you want to feel confident. Start by practising on your own, and then gradually practise in every area of your life, at work, at home, in social situations, on the telephone.


Each day, take your confidence into a new area, spinning those stepping stones in front of you everywhere you go and soon this will become your new way of life.

Hold your head up, smile and go and conquer the world.

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